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We are a leading manufacturer of butterfly valves in India. Welcome to the world of precision and dependability. Our focus is on creating high-quality butterfly valves for a variety of industrial applications, and we're committed to using cutting-edge technology and technological expertise. As an industry leader, we take pride in our innovative approach to valve manufacturing and our dedication to delivering top-notch butterfly valves.

Our Services

  • Innovative Design and Engineering: At the forefront of innovation are our gifted engineers and designers. To develop innovative and effective designs, we constantly push the limits of valve technology. Through the use of premium materials and cutting-edge production techniques, we make sure that our butterfly valves are designed to withstand challenging working conditions and deliver optimum performance.
  • Custom Solutions: We are aware that different industries have different requirements for valve applications. As manufacturers of butterfly valves, we offer custom solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of our clients. Whether it's a certain size, material, or operating pressure, our knowledgeable staff works together with customers to develop and create valves that precisely match their requirements.
  • Quality Control: We are committed to offering products of the highest caliber. Our butterfly valves undergo stringent testing and inspection at every stage of production to guarantee their dependability and lifespan. To guarantee that every valve satisfies or exceeds industry standards, we adhere to worldwide standards and employ thorough quality control procedures.
  • Versatility and Flexibility: Our butterfly valves are built to be versatile and flexible in a variety of industrial applications. Our valves provide maximum performance, precise control, and outstanding flow regulation in water treatment facilities, oil and gas refineries, chemical processing, and HVAC systems. We provide a wide selection of sizes, materials, and combinations to meet the needs of various industries.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is crucial to our business operations. By providing excellent service and support, we put a priority on long-term client relationships. Clients may get assistance from our trained personnel with technical guidance, installation, and troubleshooting. We work hard to go above and beyond customer requirements by offering trustworthy and efficient valve solutions.
  • Sustainability & Environmental Responsibility: These are two things that we are passionate about. Our butterfly valves are made to be leak-proof, energy-efficient, and to boost system performance. By promoting efficiency and minimising waste, we contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Types Of butterfly valves:

As the leading butterfly valves manufacturers in India, we provide the following types of butterfly values:

Design of the disc closure

  • Concentric Butterfly Valve: A butterfly valve with a zero offset and a durable rubber seat.
  • Eccentric butterfly valves: come in three different offset configurations: single, double, and triple. The High Performance Butterfly Valve is another name for it.
  • Piping Connection Design: Wafer-style piping connection design Wafer-style butterfly valve The purpose of a butterfly valve is to seal against bi-directional differential pressure, assisting in preventing backflow and facilitating universal flow. Lug-style a butterfly valve in lug fashion For lower pressure ratings, a butterfly valve is employed. Butterfly Valve in the Double Flange Style.
Butterfly Valves with a Gemini Centric Design from DAVS in India
  • Available Sizes 2" to 16", PN 10 to PN 16 Pressure Rating
  • Construction materials currently available - Body and side piece: CF8, CF8M, CI, SGI, etc.
  • Wafer-type EPDM/NITRIL/PTFE material for seats
India's DAVS Gemini PTFE Butterfly Valves
  • Available Sizes 2" to 16", PN 10 to PN 16 Pressure Rating
  • Body and side pieces are made of the following materials: CS, CI, SGI, CF8, CF8M, etc.
  • Split Body, PTFE seat material

We are dedicated to providing quality valve technology as butterfly valve manufacturers in India. Our dedication to innovation, quality, and client happiness distinguishes us in the business. We are your trustworthy and high-performance butterfly valve partner, whether you require conventional or bespoke solutions. Contact us now to discover the impact that our great goods and services can make.