Disk Check Valves

Disk Check Valves

Disk Check Valve Manufacturers in India/Dubai/Hyderabad/Pune

DAVS Gemini Valves Pvt. Ltd. from Pune, Maharashtra is a leading manufacturer and supplier of disk check valves throughout the markets in the world. So we are also well-known for Disk Check Valve Manufacturers in India/Dubai/Hyderabad. We supplied and exported disk check valves to various industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, water treatment, oil and gas, mining, turbine systems etc. We provided gate valve with reasonable prices, best quality on short time delivery. As we are popular as Disk Check Valve Manufacturers in India/Dubai/Hyderabad/Pune, we provide disk check valves with premium quality at international standards. We assure you to provide gate valves as per customer’s requirements and their needs. Customer’s satisfaction is the first priority of our company.

We designed disk check valve with materials are used cast iron, metals such as PTFE or EPDM. A Disk check valve consists of main components such as 1) A body 2) A Disk 3) A Star Guide and 4) A Spring.

A Body is made with metal, stainless steel, or cast iron

A spring is used to open and close valve with using disc.

AStar Guide is acts as support for disc and spring which is connected to disc.

When fluid flows through pipe it pressurized the disk and valve opened. When spring has compressed disk will released and valve has closed.

There are different types of disk check valve such as 1) Wafer type Disk Valve 2) Single disk Check valve.

A Wafer type disk valve is designed with metal seat used to prevent return flow through pipe. It has very less pressure drop.

A Single Type disk is a sandwich typed valve allows easy installment and less maintenance.

We manufactured and supplied Disk Check Valve with different technical parameters, features throughout the markets in Pune, Maharashtra, India, Dubai and Hyderabad. Some technical parameters, features and applications of Gate valve are mentioned below

Available Material:-

  • Metal – PTFE/EPDM
  • Cast iron, Stainless Steel

Available Size:-

  • Upto DN 100
  • Wafer type - 1/2'’ – 12”
  • Screwed End – ½” – 4”

Pressure Rating – PN 40

Temperature:- 300 degree

  • Compact Design
  • Lightness
  • Easy installments
  • Less leakage/leak proof valve
  • Sandwich Typed
  • Quick Operation
  • Low costs

HAVC, industrial applications, fluid, fuel, water treatment, sanitary, oil etc.